Dislocated coccyx!

Heather - Angel3511@aol.com

On March 23, 2003 I was at a concert. I was walking down cement steps to go onto the main floor when I slipped on someone's spilled beer and landed right on my butt. I stood up after being a little out of it for a minute and finished going to the floor. I stayed for the rest of the concert, grabbing my lower back every few minutes to stretch it and say that it "kind" of hurt. Once I walked outside to leave the pain that I endured was excruciating. I had never felt anything like that before in my life. I had to walk two blocks to my car, and I had to drive home! The whole way, one of the people I was with kept saying that I had broken my tailbone. I didn't believe it. Who does that? I had never broken a bone in my entire life.

Once I got home the pain got even worse. I tried to go to sleep, tried to lie in different positions, but nothing helped. About three hours later I woke my parents up and told them I needed to go to the hospital. My father took me and by the time I got there the pain was so intense I almost passed out from it. They took me into the ER right away and immediately gave me a shot of Dilaudin. The nurse insisted that I hadn't broken anything because I wouldn't have been able to drive, but after the Dr. saw my x-rays he came in and said, "well, you broke it."

The next day I went to my regular Dr. and all he did was give me a refill on the hydro-morphon pills the hospital had given me to take. I made and appointment with an orthopedic and he told me yes it was broken and to go to physical therapy for it. Physical therapy less than a week later!!! I couldn't sit, stand, lay down and he wanted me to go work out. I did nothing but continue to take my pain meds and try to deal with the pain as best as I could.

I waited about 7 months and the pain was still pretty severe so I went to a different orthopedic. He informed me that I had actually dislocated my tailbone and that is why it was still hurting but it was too late to re-locate it because of all of the scar tissue, he would end up breaking it off completely if he tried to fix it. He referred me to his spine specialist and I started seeing him. After months of being on anti-inflammatory and painkillers and having no relief, he asked about my MRI. I told him he had never sent me for one. He did and when it came back un-remarkable he said he didn't understand why I was still in pain and I should probably find another doctor.

I ended up at my current orthopedic and he told me right off the bat that he probably wouldn't be able to help me but he would find doctor's that could. He sent me to pain management, I went to physical therapy, and had one cortisone injection, which I refuse to have more of. He came to the conclusion that it did need to be removed.

I'm at the point now where I'm trying to find a Dr. to do the surgery. I found one in my area but he no longer accepts my insurance, and I saw Dr. Kane's name on this web site but unfortunately he is an hour and a half away from where I live. The idea of having to drive home for that long after having the surgery isn't a very good one. I called my current Doctor and told him the names he had given me were dead ends. He wants me to come back in to discuss "other" treatment options since it's so difficult finding a surgeon. I just have no idea what else he wants to do to me. I'm tired of taking painkillers that make me feel sick and anti-inflammatory that are bad for my body.

If anyone knows of any surgeons in the Monmouth/Ocean County areas of New Jersey, or any other treatment options that work, please e-mail me.

This has been an on going problem for a year and a half already and I'm tired of feeling pain.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Updated 2004-09-26

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