90 degree tailbone, but when?

Theresa - Theresa99@adelphia.net

My pain is on the tailbone while I am sitting and then the worst is when I go to stand up. The release of pressure from sitting kills me, but once I am up and moving it subsides. I had it x-rayed and it is a 90 degree bend also. I have a couple things it could be from: fell on it was in elementary school, gave birth in 2002, have scoliosis, have osteopenia. I say those things because doctors think I am crazy too and said it was an old injury, or I could have torn ligaments during labor!

The family doctor prescribed pain meds, but I am not taking medicine for something that hurts on and off all day. If it was constant I could see taking it. I just want the tailbone cut off, and until this website I didn't know it was possible. I live in Pittsburgh, Pa area so hopefully somebody can help me with this. I have 2 baby girls now and I want it fixed but would a surgery hold me up for awhile? I need to take care of them too.


Updated 2004-03-07

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