Changes to tailbone area

Lory -


I am just writing my own experience and also wondering if any one else has had this outcome. Like many others, I had severe tailbone/coccyx pain for no apparent reason. After undergoing x-ray, MRI, CAT scan, bone scan, visits to the proctologist, OBGYN and neurologist to rule out any other possibilities, I was told that the scans showed severe inflammation in my tailbone area. My orthopedic surgeon then recommended steroid injections and I then received a set of them the next day. One week later he did another set because the pain had not let up. (For 48 hours after each set I used ice packs on a regular basis.) About four days after the second set the pain had completely gone.

Now, six months later, I am still bruised and my tailbone area looks very different, even if the bruising was not there. It is difficult to explain, but it looks like the top of the buttocks crack that used to somewhat conceal or protect the tailbone is now pulled away and has left the appearance of a circle around the tailbone. Has anyone else had this occur?


Updated 2004-12-05

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