Long time coccyx pain seems to be going away

Angela - Hyacinthwind@aol.com

I've had intense coccyx pain for over 4 1/2 years now. I am only 5'1" tall, and carried twins to 36 weeks when they were born by c-section at over 6 lbs each. When I was pregnant, they were both breech, one of them what is called a "footling" breech, which placed his feet and legs right at my sacrum and coccyx--every stretch and kick landed squarely on my tail bone, essentially. At about week 30, my tail bone broke, due to the stress of all that pressure and my inability to balance myself when I was sitting down, so that I did so abruptly. Even after it healed there was no relief from the symptoms, and every time I sat down and then tried to rise it felt like my coccyx was trying very hard to exit my body!

I have tried everything from the goofy do-nut pillows to ice packs, heating pads, special exercises, "retention garments" designed to keep pressure on my bottom end when I'm standing--the list goes on and on, and so did the pain. I felt like I was going crazy, and with three little boys running around our house, taking 2-3 minutes to get stood up from a chair was NOT always the best idea (anyone who has kids understands lol).

On top of that, my lower back was becoming unbearable with slipped discs. I actually was more "concerned" about my back, and when I was faced with no traditional options left except back surgery at the age of 32, I decided to do something that I had always said I wouldn't do, and see a chiropractor. My chiropractor has been trying, since the very first visit, to attempt not only to remove pressure from my spine in order to avoid surgery, but also she has been adjusting my tailbone (!) and sacrum. The adjustments at first were uncomfortable, I'll admit--she has to find the end and sides of my coccyx, and with firm pressure push up and to the opposite side that it was pressing. In conjunction, she has had to re-align my sacrum, which it turns out was NOT helping the tail bone situation by being off center itself, and forcing the tailbone to the side even more.

It has been a slow process (I was scheduled for 30 visits for this problem), but for now it actually seems to be working. It wasn't overnight, and it didn't just suddenly go away, so if you go this route as a trial, don't expect a instant miracle cure. The pain has been getting less and less with each adjustment, and the length of time that it was taking me to stand up is getting shorter. If I get silly and sit for a truly long period of time on a hard surface, I still have some discomfort when rising, but it is getting less so, and it's nothing like the excruciating pain that I dealt with for almost 5 years.

Apparently not every chiropractor deals with coccyx pain, and doesn't adjust the coccyx on its own, so it may take looking around. I'm fortunate that the one I walked into here in Asheville just happened to do so, and recognized that just helping with my back wasn't going to improve my quality of life very much if I still couldn't sit or stand without pain. When I expressed to her that the only other treatment option I had been pointed towards was removing the coccyx, she was appalled to say the least.

I'm not sure that it would work for everyone, but for those of you who like me have tried all the other conventional methods, it's a good pit stop to try out before you let someone get near you with a scalpel.

FYI, I've been using Dr. Michelle Greenspan in Asheville NC.

Hope this helps someone :)


Updated 2004-08-15

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