Coccyx pain for nearly 3 years


This website is such a help to me to know that I'm not suffering on my own and that there are people who understand!

I can remember the day that the pain started and it was during a 3- hour car journey to Alton Towers theme park in September 2001. I was a passenger in the car and then went on 17 different rides in the theme park which probably didn't help!! Since then I have had coccyx pain and find it difficult to sit for long periods at a time. I am a computer operator so doing my job has been tough. I now have a chair with a coccyx cut out which has helped me to sit all day. I can't find any definite pain triggers as some days are better than others but I am always in a lot of pain following exercise. I find I am constantly tired with trying to cope with the pain.

I have seen so many different people: Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Acupuncturist, Physiotherapists, Kinesiologist, Rheumatologist and have had a variety of treatments but am still in pain. I have had steroid injections which greatly helped with the pain from sitting to standing but haven't helped with the coccyx pain. I also get constant pain across my right buttock/the outside of my right thigh and the right side of my back. I have had an MRI scan and all alignment was fine but only the top part of the coccyx was scanned.

My consultant has suggested an x-ray of the coccyx but this involves an x-ray through my ovaries which I am not at all happy about having done as I haven't had any children yet and would like them and feel that an x-ray at this stage is a risk. The Rheumatologist Consultant is currently speaking to a Radiologist to discuss options and more injections or an operation have also been suggested.

It would be really good to hear from anyone on this subject and I would be particularly interested to hear from anyone who has had a coccyx x-ray and then gone on to have children.

Updated 2004-07-11

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