Endometriosis and coccyx pain

Carolyn Reynolds - C.Reynolds@Connexions-TW.co.uk

I was very interested to read on your site of the possible link between estradiol and lower back pain (See Margaret's story) - the case outlined was so similar to my own experience that for the first time I feel I've come across something practical that might help. Nothing else has worked.

Though my initial injury was caused 4 years ago as the result of a motorcycle accident, I certainly see a huge increase in pain in my lower back and coccyx about 5 days before my period. Both doctors at my local practice (male) have suggested that 'everything is worse when you're premenstrual' and have written off these symptoms. The pain, however, is so bad that it literally takes my breath away and lasts for around 8 or 9 days. A recent visit to a female doctor led to her suggesting that the increased pain might be caused by endometriosis, which she noted from previous notes had been indicated five or six years ago when I'd undergone a laparoscopy to diagnose an ovarian cyst.

I shall certainly follow up the estradiol link, but in the meantime, does anyone have experience of coccyx pain being linked to endometriosis? Both are, I understand, treated by hormone therapy so I might as well kill two birds with one stone when I finally get to see the specialist.

I've just discovered this site and it's full of really useful information and advice on coping and dealing with this awful condition. It helped me enormously on a recent visit to an orthapaedic surgeon who was sharpening up his scalpel to remove my coccyx because 'I've never done one before and I'm really keen to give it a go...' Needless to say, I made my excuses and left....

Carolyn Reynolds

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Updated 2004

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