Just had coccygectomy after 5 years of hell

T Grant, Canada - sailingonthesea@icloud.com

Posted 2014-03-30

I received my surgery March 25, 2015 after several previous interventions that had no improvement.

It all started when I developed a abscess near my BUM hole from what likely was a simple in-grown hair. because I assumed it to be my very own hemorrhoid treating it myself with ointments etc, for nearly 3 months (big mistake) Because it was not a hemorrhoid at all, but actually the nastiest abscess to ever dig its way into somebodies body, it got worse and worse until literally destroying my surrounding tissue and tailbone all the way up to the sacrum. I ended up in ER, received copious amounts of morphine, pain was I remember describing it in the ER from 1-10 a "15". Down to the cold Operating room for me GA surgery with what they call a "general surgeon", master of none jack of all, and after slashing into me draining of the beast. left me looking more female than male, 4 days in hospital and all seemed well, except for the gaping wound, left open to heal in a x4 daily spitz bath.

Back to work but all was not well, due to the meanest boss in the world who I will also not name Marjorie, who actually at one point told me "you have 2 choices work through the pain, then left me to guess what the other veiled choice might be. The pain began after sitting all day, (Thanks Boss) then after short walks, then all the time. The pain was so bad that breathing hard and moaning became my song and was the only thing that could be done.

To make a long story short I tried everything under the sun for treatment, acupuncture, Rolfing, Massage, therapy, hypnosis, and sorry for all the chiropractor lovers out there, a snake oil scam called chiropractic? Injections (cortisone) nerve blocks that made it nothing but angry, spinal cord stimulator that never stayed in place because bone was damaged, then when they removed it, while in surgery nearly died because of a bloody nose nobody caught in time. Aspirated significant blood, had to finish surgery fully awake, strapped down to table coughing blood, had full blown double pneumonia by he time they wheeled me up to my room, my body was never the same and now will never lie down again because they damaged my esophagus trying to suction and keep me alive.

Now I lie in a hospital bed at Vancouver General, my tailbone gone, hurts really, really bad, but just glad it is gone. Here in wonderful Canada our surgery wait times are stupid long, first you wait for specialist appointment, 6-8 months, then you wait for specialist ordered CT or MRI, another 6-8 months, then you wait to see the specialist again 6-8 months to review your image and he will say "wow you can't sit at all"? Hate to be you," but I don't do that kind of surgery because the books I read are 20-30 years old and people did not do it back then," when you ask have you ever heard of the internet, PuBMed? they look at you with a smug "I hate it when the minions try to be funny! ....What time is my T-time again?" Then long dismissive stare. "Good luck Mr. (Another Pause)....." As they look down for your name on the file.

So then you search and search for a surgeon, (thank god about this time they invent the IPAD, no more days on me knees a the computer) you find this site (great site, big thanks) but find nobody replies to you and also find despite being fabulously charming you do not have $100,000 to fly to Paris for the procedure. And worst of all despite all this suffering nobody but your closest loved ones if you are extremely lucky care. Because you see, unless you are bleeding profusely or grossly deformed everyone thinks you are making it up, or whining, or trying to milk the system, even folks you never thought would, will, a harsh reality. "Take a seat" takes on a whole new meaning, movies or plays are only dreams, dinners out are just a painful fantasy, travel, my favourite thing is done. no weddings, vacations, funerals in far off places, your life basically sucks.

Then you get angry and start calling, everyone, you lie and cheat, do what you need to do. In my case I called the BC college of surgeons and refused to give up until they gave me a name of a surgeon. They called me back and said Dr. Michael Boyd, Neurosurgeon, Vancouver BC then hung up, as if it was a secret agent. I know what your thinking Neurosurgeon, is it not typically a osteo? Not I'm my case. But the catch? took 2 years to actually get surgery because of wait list and 4 cancelled at last minute.

Oh well that is all behind me (so to speak), a bitter chapter in my life that has ruined my finance, career, and nearly took my life. Now I just hope this new found pain heals well, swiftly and leaves me pain free some day, PLEASE.

If you read this and suffer like I have, you know the feeling, you likely have a tear sliding down your check, and butterflies in your tummy, and a pain in your ass. Don't give up, and please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or just to chat, I promise I will reply to you.

T. Grant

Update, 2014-04-06

Approaching day 7 after coccygectomy tomorrow. The pain for me has been very severe, taking pain meds as directed, however, pain is impossible at times. Had 1/2 a good day 2 days ago, really felt optimistic, but pain set back in and brings me back down. really looking forward to life without pain some day. Really trying to stay positive, mind over matter, but realistically after 5 years that only gets you so far. HOPE is mine. Will see my family Dr. On Wednesday.

Thank god for my wife and Mom taking care of me, food, talks, etc. etc. etc. and helping with our 6 year old son. We change bandage 2 times a day, clean with wound water, let air dry for 1-2 hours, cover with bandage or put abdominal pad in my underwear. Wound looks really good, incision seems fine very little pain on surface, wound cleaner actually feels good, pain is deep down, intense. Some muscle cramping near site but mild. Only able to lie on either side. As reported by all other "coccygectomy victims"can NOT lie on my back at all, this surprised me for some reason, but SOOOO true. It is difficult to roll over. Physio therapist in hospital suggested "log roll", although I find it useless. the best way for me into bed (my home for now) is climb in on knees, then slowly roll onto either side.

Signed PIA (pain in ass)


Update, 2014-04-13

It has almost been 3 weeks, stitches came out last week after 14 days, my body was just beginning to reject them, it was time to get them out. Wound now is totally closed, absolutely no infection whatsoever. I forgot to mention I used Arglaes Silver Powder on wound daily. Dr. And nurse comment on how great wound looks considering the location, that is the good news.

The bad news is pain at the sacrum amputation point is very bad still, scale 1-10 I have days that I hate to say, 8-9+ (I never use 10) wake up 5-6, but as day gets on pain climbs, pain meds barely make a dent in it. I am hoping this will resolve slowly, although I prefer quickly. I want to be normal again, I want to have a day not featured with pain, I want to sit. I am not a whiner, I am actually very hopeful, just sound like a whiner.



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