Infected wound after coccygetomy


Posted 2014-08-10

My coccygectomy wound became infected and I was re-admitted to hospital, on antibiotics. Th wound took longer to heal because of this. Here are photos of my progress.

day 4

Day 4 after coccygectomy. In hospital.


Week two. Readmitted to hospital. Slight infection and weeping. Wound is extremely painful. My mum is cleaning wound every day with warm salty water. Stitches out. I know I've made the right decision.

week 3

Week three. Still have slight infection and wound has not healed at bottom section. Still extremely painful.

week 4

Week four. I thought it would never get better.

week 5

Week five. Not very clear but infection is healing. However I'm starting to develop a rash from the bandages.

week 6

Week six. Infection looking great but still I have a reaction to the bandages. Rash is very itchy. Wound is still painful but it is slowly getting better.

two months

Two months. Still bruised but not as painful. However the wound feels very tight like it could split. You must be patient. It takes time to heal. I only had a small infection but it meant that the healing time was longer.

2.5 months

2.5 months. Still bruised and feels like it could split but I feel fantastic.

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