Tailbone pain cured again

Angela, UK

Posted 2014-06-30

I damaged my coccyx in February 2002 when I was sitting on an exercise bike at the gym and the seat went down a notch. Subsequently, the pain on sitting was intense and never got any better, and for the next two years I went to many hospitals, doctors and physiotherapists who could not help me improve and knew nothing about tailbones.

I had to reorganize my life with no more long journeys on planes, buses and cars, and everywhere I went I took a selection of horseshoe cushions with me .

In despair, I found Michael Durtnall at the Sayer Clinic (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) by looking on this website. I first went to see him in November 2004 and was very relieved to find someone at last who understood the problem and could offer expert hands-on help. I went to see him every three weeks for over a year. Eventually my tailbone improved enough to allow me to live a normal life, whilst being very careful not to take any risks.

Unfortunately, six years later in 2012 I did take a risk and spent a day on a hard chair at a seminar I attended and, to my dismay, the pain was back.

I was so pleased to find that Michael was still helping other sufferers at the Sayer Clinic and have been back to see him several times. He worked his magic again and I am now much improved. I know I must always try to keep my posture correct and keep the coccyx as mobile as I can.

It is ten years this year since I first met Michael and I am very grateful for the expert help, kindness and encouragement he has always given me.

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