Pain in the coccyx after childbirth

Anonymous, UK

Posted 2014-04-27

I started to get coccyx pain about 7 months ago, a couple of weeks after the birth of my baby. I had a gentle birth at home, no instruments but a few complications afterwards which meant I was on painkillers for a couple of weeks, so perhaps this masked the coccyx pain for a while. Anyway the pain got worse and worse over a matter of weeks, probably not helped by sitting around feeding my baby and being relatively immobile. I went to the GP who just said "oh it takes ages to get better" and also spoke to the women's physio who told me to carry a coccyx cushion around with me. Not particularly helpful. Anyway I waited for it to get better and sat on special cushions or lay on my side to try and help it to heal. Car journeys were not fun.

Five and a half months on it still wasn't better and I was getting seriously fed up so did some research and came across which in turn led me to Dr Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). He is a very knowledgeable and charming man, who immediately puts you at ease. He x-rayed me and even I could immediately see what was wrong. Essentially my coccyx was pointing straight down instead of curving under so no wonder it hurt to sit on it. He was very honest and said he wasn't sure if he would be able to help as it looked pretty strange (fused? can't remember exactly why) from a previous injury (falling down some icy steps a few years ago) but he would give it a go. Yes the internal treatment isn't exactly fun but it's worth it. Luckily for me Dr Durtnall was able to start mobilising the bones and after my first treatment I was elated - I miraculously felt about 70% better. After the second treatment I felt worse again but Dr Durtnall had warned me that this could happen and after the next treatment I felt better again. I would say now that after 5 treatments I feel 80% better and my posture is much better too. I am hopeful I will get to 100% and will report again in a few months.

As a side note for anyone dealing with post partum pelvic floor issues, I suffered a mild rectocele after the birth of my baby and Dr Durtnall told me at my first appointment that mobilising the coccyx should help with this. I think this is because the back of the pelvic floor is attached to the coccyx and because the coccyx was extended it was likely that my pelvic muscles weren't firing properly. Anyway after a couple of appointments my rectocele symptoms (dragging feeling) were much improved and continue to improve. It is also easier to do my pelvic floor exercises sitting down, now the pain is so much better.

Thank you Jon for taking the time to provide this site and thank you Dr Durtnall.

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