Tailbone pain - too much to tolerate

Arielle - sleepy_arielle@hotmail.com

Posted 2014-02-09

I was so happy to find this site! I have been dealing with tailbone pain for 2 and a half years now. Never had an injury just had discomfort one day. I let it go for a year and finally told my primary doctor about it. She referred me to go see a chiropractor. When I went to the chiropractor he took some x-rays. To everyone's shock I had a slipped vertebrae which is called spondylolisthesis. So from there I went to have some tailbone manipulation done, went to physical therapy for strengthening and no improvement. I was referred to a spinal orthopedic surgeon in which he offered to do a steroid injection. So I did the injection and had no relief at all. I have always had some back pain, but thought it was normal. Now surgery: I had a spinal fusion Sept 30 2013 and we thought it was the cause of all the pain I was having from my nerves being pushed.

Well its been 3 full months since I had surgery and still am battling with this tailbone pain. I'm in physical therapy now for my back and working on strengthening again, but not even an ounce of relief. I cannot do anything without having pain it is so terrible and very depressing.

Next week I am having an injection in my tailbone area and am praying I can get some relief, it really gets a person down dealing with this for so long. Surgery was brought up to me, but my surgeon wouldn't do it because he doesn't feel it helps everyone.

SO that's where I am at today... Maybe wanting to try some acupuncture, has anyone tried this before?

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