Tail bone treatment with Dr. Syeda Mubashira

Manisha, India

Posted 2014-07-10

My name is Manisha and I am from Bangalore. In the year 2013, during my pregnancy and after delivery I was feeling pain in my buttocks while sitting on soft surface. But the pain was bearable and I didn't pay attention to that. In May 2014 I started driving two wheeler and pain become worse and my coccyx start penetrating in my left side of buttocks near anus and it lead to a wound with edema and pus. I started searching for doctors on net and I found this web site. This web site is very informative and helpful for sufferers like me. Thanks to Jon for this web site. By reading experiences on this site I come to know that it is very important to find correct doctor.

On this site I found Dr. Mubashira and Dr. Rajveer Singh and decided to meet them.

I took an appointment with Dr. Syeda Mubashira (see Doctors and specialists in India) and met her. She advised me to take an dynamic tail bone X-ray, MRI of spine and get a Blood test done (for Vit D3 and B12). In X-ray, it was clearly visible that my tailbone was shifted to left side and became stiff also. My Vit D3 and B12 also turned out to be low. The wound near anus was the most painful. MRI was showing L4-L5 disc bulging. In my case tail bone dislocation, wound near anus and disc bulging were the problems. Dr. Mubashira then took decisions fast to give me three ways treatment. I would really appreciate Dr. Mubashira for her perfect diagnosis.

I was advised for 7 days of Physiotherapy which includes internal manipulation, exercises for tailbone, treated with antibiotics and pain killers for wound. She advised me to use lumbar belt for L4-L5 discs bulging. After completing 7 days of treatment for tail bone it has given me 75% relief. It took 10-12 days to heal the wound. Now I can able to perform my routine work (apart from riding bike) with lumbar belt. Dr. Mubashira has given me set of exercises to improve my muscle strength around tail bone area and lower back area and have instructed me to continue at least for 5-6 months for good recovery.

I highly appreciate Dr. Syeda Mubashira and Dr. Rajveer Singh for their talent in coccydynia. They are very energetic and friendly. I would highly recommend Dr. Syea Mubashira and Dr. Rajveer Singh to anyone who is suffering from coccydynia or any other pain.



Note from Jon Miles:

I emailed more than a year after this story was posted, to ask for an update, as the long-term outcome of treatment is of great interest. In this case I did not get a reply.

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