Flax seed anti-inflammatory

Maria, Jersey City, NJ, USA

Posted 2014-07-20

My coccyx pain started approximately a year and a half ago, I was 39. It started suddenly and with having had no accidents or childbirth or trauma. I work sitting down all day and I am not too physically active except for walking about a mile per day to and from work.

I went to my doctor and he took x-rays, which came back normal, he referred me to a chiropractor, which I admit I did not go to. That was last year.

This year at the beginning of the year I was in such uncomfortable pain that I decided to try taking something. Not knowing what to take, I decided to try Flax seeds because I had read that flax was good anti-inflammatory. So I took two table spoons per day in powdered form in my shakes, after 3 days the pain decrease a great deal. I wasn't 100% sure if it was the product I was taking that was making a difference. Well, I stopped taking it and soon the pain returned.

It is July 20th and I have been taking the product again for a week and noticed decrease pain since four days ago, I am sitting better and sleeping better. I am by no means saying that people shouldn't seek professional help, I am simply putting his out there for people as a means of information that perhaps can help someone. I am not a health guru, I am just an average person looking for help.

By the way, I love this web page, I was hesitant to visiting another doctor because I just didn't know where to start. With the helpful list of doctors on this web page I feel encouraged to look for help. I will also follow the recommended exercises and see how that goes. As for he product I am taking, I will continue to take it, but will also seeks other alternatives including professional help.

If anyone is interested in the product I am taking: Raw Organics by Garden of Life, Real cold milled organic flax seeds & chia seeds

I will keep you updated on my progress and thanks for the web page.

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