My experience with coccyx pain (Russia)

Yury, Russia -

Posted 2014-01-19

My name is Yury, I live in Moscow, Russia.

I got a sport trauma which caused pretty annoying coccyx pain after sitting for even 20 minutes. I was somewhat desperate when I realized that I'm unable to work for 8 hours (I'm a computer engineer so I have to actually _sit_ for 8 hours). Luckily, quickly turned me to possible solutions.

1) I firstly tried cushions but these only helped for 1-2 hours (I guess they may be enough for some people but not in my case).

2) I then explored local shops and bought a director's chair for ~$700 and this helped me for ~1.5 years (after I cut out part of seat under coccyx)

3) I then turned to orthopedic chairs and found a Hara chair below; it really helped - I am able work for 4-5 hours without break and I now have absolutely no problems with normal 9-5 working week (more than 9 hours is still a problem though)

4) I've been visiting different doctors during this period of time and eventually (after quite some time) I found a good osteopath, Prof. Vladimir Frolov, Sechenov (see Doctors and specialists in Russia) who was able to reposition my coccyx (it turned out to have a subluxation) and then normalize the local muscles/ligaments; this is still ongoing (mainly due to other parts of body that got hurt during the crash) but results are already great.

Hara chair

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