3 months since the operation and I feel better than I have in 5 years

Marie-Anne, UK - mab.young@tiscali.co.uk

Posted 2014-02-09

After the birth of my daughter in 2009 I suffered the damage of my coccyx as the baby was too large to pass through my small pelvis. Not one Dr would take me seriously, I was told to take anti-inflammatories and do my pelvic floor exercises and see a chiropractor. They did not believe that I could not sit, have a bowel movement, drive a car or even lift my newborn daughter or pram without excruciating pain rendering me breathless and feeling like I was wasting their time.

Over 5 years I was pushed from pillar to post by the Dr's to see a physiotherapist who gave me pelvic exercises including bouncing on a gym ball which I add caused pain every time I tried I then was pushed to another physiotherapist who specialized in internal manipulation by putting her fingers up my bottom and grabbing the tilted coccyx and tried to pull it free again without pain relief.

After this was deemed no good, I was pushed to the pain management clinic to teach me how to cope with the pain as they thought I was mad. After this again proved a failure they decided to do the steroid injections into the coccyx. This I had done 3 times over 18 months but each time my body got infected and I was back to square one. The first injection gave me pain relief for 6 months, the 2nd for 3 months and the 3rd no relief because of a bacterial infection.

My Pain management consultant stated that a new spinal consultant who specialized in the operation to remove the coccyx had just been appointed to Exeter hospital and I was put on the list to see him. The day came 5 years after my daughter was born to see the consultant's understudy who agreed I had gone through enough pain over the 5 years and put me forward for the operation.

I waited 8 months on the waiting list and I then saw the Mr Hutton the spinal consultant (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, Devon) on the 11th November 2014 and on the 14th November 2014 I went in for surgery. I was told the risks of the operation which scared the hell out of me as it was only the 16th operation in the UK [Note from Jon Miles - in fact hundreds of these operations have been carried out in the UK] but felt completely safe in the hands of Mr Hutton.

After the surgery I spent one night in hospital on morphine and paracetamol, and after my blood pressure stabilized and I could make it to the toilet I was allowed home. The dressing was a new dressing to keep the area clean and was told to come back in 10 days to have the dressing changed and the stitches removed. It was extremely painful but with the morphine this took the edge off. I had bed rest for 10 days at home and Mum helped me clean the area as it is not easy to do yourself. I went back to the hospital after 10 days where they removed the stitches and redressed the wound and told to keep from sitting in case the wound split and caused an infection. 8 weeks after the operation I went back again the wound had healed beautifully, no infection, a very neat scar and without the original pain that I had suffered for 5 years, I just have the operation pain left and this is getting better by the day.

It is nearly 3 months since the operation and I feel better than I have in 5 years. Another 3 months and the operation pain should be gone completely and I can live a normal life again.

Mr Hutton and his spinal team listened and took the time to understand and believe that I was not mad and gave me the opportunity to have the operation. I would strongly recommend this operation if you have coccydenia and be pain free. It is not without its risks, which were explained to me several times, but the pain outweighed what I was told. I hope this helps the number of people that have felt alone and disbelieved to hopefully become pain free.

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