Tailbone pain and kidney problem

K.P Tunga, India - p_tunga@yahoo.com

Posted 2014-08-31

My name is K.P Tunga, aged 77 years. I am 6 foot tall and weigh 87 kg. I am diabetic since 35 years. I am a vegetarian. I had back pain since so many years. I had managed it with medicine and exercises. A few years ago I consulted an orthopedic with MRI. He suggested me to undergo surgery for disc bulging. The surgery was done on 2011. I was advised to do some exercise and walking. I was without pain for some months.

Unfortunately I met with accident, it hurt my vertebra. In the meantime I came to know I have kidney cancer RCC III'd stage. Nefroctomy was done on the last December and removed my right kidney. After postoperative medicine and recent pet scan now I am free from cancer.

Now I suffer from tailbone pain. I am advised not to go for any pain killer due to single kidney.

I am trying with some stretching exercise but still the pain persist. I find difficulty in sitting for a long time. I am staying in Bangalore India.

What do you suggest me to do now? Please advise.

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