Long hours sitting and driving caused problem

Bhavan, India - venkatabhavan@gmail.com

Posted 2013

Hi all,

Myself Bhavan from Hyderabad was suffering from tail bone pain since Dec 13. For me there was no direct injury, but due to my nature of my job I used to sit for long hours, and also I love driving the car for long tours every six months. Probably this might be the reason for my injury. I can say I am fortunate that I got relocated on job purpose.

Since my pain is not getting down I checked on the internet and came to know about Dr Rajveer (see Doctors and specialists in India) and immediately took his appointment and consulted. Based on his treatment I can say within 3 to 4 sittings there is lot of improvement and now I am confident that with the exercise routine and little care I can come out of this pain within few months. I thank the doctor for his sincere attempt in showing a way for the improvement..



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