How coccydynia disabled my life

Radha, India -

Posted 2013-02-23

Hi I'm Radha, a 22 year old female from India. In 2009 during my college time I fell on my coccyx on the stairs. It was sore for a day and I started resuming my normal life without any pain. After 4 years I started noticing discomfort during travelling and I couldn't sit at all. The intensity of pain increased and I couldn't sit anywhere even with coccyx cushion. I feel a popping sound in my tailbone when I getup from chair after sitting for 20 mins. I have unstable coccyx and I could feel the bone below my skin if I press the area above the butt crack.

Coccydynia cost me my job and I can't even go on long road trips even theatre. Previously I have no pain while laying down on my back but a few days ago even that started hurting and 10 sessions of ultrasound therapy was no use. I have tried diclofenac patches and no relief.

I went to many ortho doctors but they are not taking it seriously. Finally I met Dr. Mohandas I MIOT Chennai and he simply told I need surgery and its not a big issue. But I'm scared to do it. I want to get married and have children but after reading about tailbone pain during pregnancy and married life I'm scared like hell.

Mail me if you have any questions and share your experience.

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