Bedridden with tailbone pain

Mithun, India -

Posted 2014-02-16

I am Mithun, aged 22, profession automobile engineer.

In November 2013 I caught with this pain while getting up, it became severe over several days. I showed it to couple of physicians who said it should go in some days by itself and prescribed anti inflammatory medicines. These did help me during the course, but once done with those medicines the pain returned. The pain went out of control at times, I have such bad tenderness at times that it has affected my daily routines. After consulting 4 physicians the pain still continues.

I have made a special cushion, but of no help, at this young age I have been bedridden as it is only way I can avoid the pain.

Life is becoming difficult for me every passing day with this. Can someone please suggest some exercise for me. After checking out my X-rays, the physician said its a mild fracture and a misalignment. This is taking a toll out of me.

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