I broke my coccyx 20 years ago, again this year

Catherine, West Yorkshire, UK - catherinewiggy@yahoo.co.uk

Posted 2014-05-25

I broke my coccyx 20 years ago when I was 12. I was in the park with my friend and I slipped as the path was wet. All I can remember was the pain. It took me 5 minutes to get off the floor. My mum to me to see a private specialist in West Yorkshire, UK, and the guy wanted to operate as it had broken and gone in at a right angle. I said no being 12 and highly embarrassed so I put up with it and over time it got better. I learned to sit on one side or lean forward. I struggled being a passenger in a car or on flights and it would start hurting after about half an hour...I just put up with it.

Jan 2014 I was decorating my kitchen. I was stood on a chair as I was doing above the cupboards. When I stepped down the side of another metal chair went full force into my coccyx. I went to the walk in centre. The doc their gave me cocodamol but it didn't ease the pain. I couldn't sit down or drive. Things have got a bit better but not much. I went to my GP again on Monday and she gave me 30 mg dihydrocodeine, 250 mg naproxen and paracetamol. It's taking the edge off but not much. She also referred me for an x-ray. This is where the fun starts. I rang the NHS call centre to book my appointment and the lady said we don't x-ray the coccyx!! I said well that's what needs doing as my GP thinks it is broken. No joy. So my GP rang them and they still refused. So I asked the receptionist if the doc could refer me into a specialist. In the meantime I found a place in Birmingham that did discounted x-rays and MRI. They said it is against legislation to x-ray the coccyx unless you are under a specialist. I was getting angry at this point. Then the GP rang saying she had referred me for physio and if physio could not do anything they would refer me to an orthopaedic specialist.

In the meantime I can not sit for longer than 5 minutes and that's sat on my side. I spend most of the day laid down on my right side and even that is getting uncomfortable as I can feel it going through me. I have a feeling I will end up getting referred and they will want to operate but I'm not sure. With them wanting to remove my coccyx 20 years ago I would have thought the same applies or have things changed over twenty years. Plus I was only nearly in my teens then. I just want shut off the pain. I'm writing this laid on my side. Driving is a nightmare. It takes me 5 minutes to get out if the car after a 5-10 min journey. When I stand up it's excruciating!! It's like I can feel my coccyx coming apart and sometimes when I stand you can hear a loud crack.

If anybody has any advice on who to see in West Yorkshire on the NHS and how I go about it would be greatly appreciated. My email is catherinewiggy@yahoo.co.uk

Update, 2014-06-30

Just an update as to what's been happening with my coccyx pain. I went back to the GP two weeks ago and she prescribed 5 mg oxycodone three times a day. It's taking the constant pain off and easing driving, sitting and standing from sitting. The pain before was 8 out of 10 it's probably about a 4 with the medication. I'm a bit worried about taking strong medication like this though.

I'm still waiting for physio on the NHS and it's been nearly 5 weeks and not heard a thing. So I arranged to see a physio privately at the sports centre.

I went last Friday to find out if physio would help or if he recommend anybody. I showed him the scan of 4 years ago before I injured it in Jan. He says there is two fractures and then it had fused at ninety degrees. He said NHS physio won't touch me with a barge pole and I need referring to a specialist immediately.

He checked my hips and sacrum and said everything else was fine and aligned and said it is literally just my coccyx. So it's back to the doctors for me to see if I can skip the route of NHS physio and go straight to see a specialist. In the meantime it's painkillers and laying on my side. I welcome any emails and wish you all well with your journey of being pain free.

Best Wishes


Update, 2014-09-28

Just an update on battle with coccyx pain. My GP has changed my pain medication to 5 mg oxycodone 3-4 times a day. I've also been having physio where they have been doing pulsed shortwave therapy. The pain score with the medication and physio has come down to a 4 from an 8 and if I don't take pain killers it's around a 6.

I saw physio three weeks ago and she said she was going to write to my family doctor to get me referred into a surgeon for his opinion. I saw physio again today and it was a different lady as the physio I was seeing has left. She remembered me from my first appointment as she was assessing the physio I have been seeing.

I have to go back for another assessment with her to make sure there is nothing she can do to help and she is going to refer me to another lady who has experience of manipulation. She said she would book me in for 3 sessions. Really scared and not looking forward to it so if anybody could email me with any tips/hints or advice I would really appreciate this. She also said if the manipulation doesn't help the next step is injections straight into the joint. How scared am I. I still can't sit down properly I have to lean forward or sit on my right side. I was laid down on the sofa the other day on my back cuddling my daughter and after two mins the pain was excruciating. When my daughter stood up and took the pressure off me I nearly cried. It then took me five mins to get off the sofa, I was literally stuck.

So I'm not sure if a letter comes through from surgeon to attend as the new physio said this morning that the lady who will be doing the manipulation will refer me on to the right people if it doesn't work.

I'm not sure I want an operation due to risk of infection and recovery time. If anybody has any advice please email me, I would love to hear from you. I wish everybody well who's on the same hunt to being pain free and thank you so much Jon for this site.

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