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Maria, UK - chris.maria@btopenworld.com

Posted 2014-09-14

I have just returned from a consultation with Dr Michael Durtnall at The Sayer Clinic in London (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) and can hardly wait to post this review in the hope that others out there who are suffering the excruciating pain from coccyx damage /injury and are wondering what to do about it might benefit from this man's EXCELLENT treatment!

Having fallen onto my coccyx in February of this year I had been suffering acute pain for some 7 months. It had reached the stage where I was lying on my side to relax or to watch tv, was avoiding sitting at all costs and was in agony sitting (and particularly in rising) from a sitting position. The pain had extended to my sacrum area (higher up than the tailbone) and I was feeling tearing and tugging sensations which I assumed were muscular.

I was due to see an Orthopaedic consultant about the possibility of improving a pelvic injury from many years ago, so assumed he would look at what was causing the coccyx pain at the same time. When my appointment came, he took x-rays (which I assumed included my coccyx in view of the extreme pain I was in with it), but, as many have said here before, when I later asked for copies of my notes, the coccyx had not even been included on the request sheet from the consultant so was not even looked at, let alone reported on by the radiologist on any of the several x-rays that were taken, so months after the fall and in a great deal of pain, I saw him for my follow up appointment only to have the pain dismissed - he basically said that coccyx pain generally was all a bit of a mystery and not to worry about it.

Well...as I am sure is the case for others out there, the pain was so acute and so intense, I couldn't ignore it. Then, a friend who lives in London mentioned Dr Durtnall, saying how a friend of hers had been to him after a fall on the coccyx and that he had been nothing short of amazing! The possibility of relief from the awful coccyx pain was just too good to ignore. I immediately headed home and started to read everything I could about Dr Durtnall and the Sayer Clinic. I was so conscious of not making the wrong choice or waiting for an appointment and then weeks perhaps months later (as had been the case with the Orthopaedic Consultant), being told again that there was nothing that could be done.

I had to wait a few weeks to get an appointment to see Mr. Durtnall, but that wait was worth every single moment! From the very moment I went into his consulting room for my initial consultation he superb! For the first time I was not only in the company of someone who knew and understood the pain I was in, but also in that one session, he took weight bearing x-rays of the coccyx and of the pelvis and spine and was so very informative about what they showed that I felt I had at last got someone who KNEW what they were doing. After 35 years experience in this field, Dr Durtnall is incredibly knowledgeable about all things relating to the coccyx let alone the pelvis, spine etc. Just as importantly for me, Dr Durtnall was also kind and thoughtful and was, very obviously, genuinely concerned to get the very best result for me and to get me pain free.

I have read someone else on here saying that Dr Durtnall is a breath of fresh air - he definitely is! I had to travel from the North West of England to see Dr. Durtnall and stayed overnight locally - but it was worth every single penny!

After ONE treatment - ONE TREATMENT!! I left his consulting rooms with NO coccyx pain at all!!

I know there will be those of you out there who are thinking that perhaps he cannot help you... that perhaps yours is much worse, that perhaps it is something you have to put up with - all I can say is PLEASE don't put up with your coccyx pain for a moment longer!

If you are in any doubt at all that Dr Durtnall can help you, or in any doubt at all that it is worth the journey, however far away you live, please, please, make an appointment. You will not regret it!

I paid privately for my consultation,, and can honestly say that it is by far the best money I have spent in a very long time!

Last but certainly not least, Dr Durtnall is one of that rare breed of medical professional who is not focused solely on money or on status or on doing something simply because of how it looks to anyone else, he is there to help YOU be pain free and that is obvious from the very first meeting.

What is even more important is - he succeeds - and does so in a kind, thoughtful, friendly and gentlemanly manner - what more could you ask for?

I feel truly blessed to have this man treating me and for the first time in what feels like a very long time, I am pain free at my coccyx, not because of injections, not as a result of surgery, but from great understanding, great knowledge and great skill!

Thank you so so much Dr Durtnall!


Update, 2018-10-21

I just wanted to post an update for anyone reading my story.

It is now a few years since my treatment with Dr Durtnall for severe coccyx pain.

I also have an unstable pelvis which of course complicates things a little, but I can honestly say that the awful coccyx pain I had when I came to see Dr Durtnall has not ever returned!

I have times when I can sense that the coccyx area is struggling or is under pressure, but I immediately do the exercises advised by Dr Durtnall and also take a little extra care and it seems to settle again fairly quickly.

I will repeat now what I said years ago which is if you have coccyx pain PLEASE book an appointment to see Dr Durtnall. He is more than simply an expert in his field. He is a gentle kind and considerate man who is very patient focused. He will treat you with care and concern and will discuss everything with you so you know exactly what is happening.

Please do not stay in pain.

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