Severe tailbone pain after lifting 10 kg

Kay, UK -

Posted 2014-05-25

I was a paramedic working when lifting our response bag (which is designed to carry as a rucksack) weighing approx 10 kg, in a lifting twisting motion, to put on my back, I had sudden severe lumbar, down to, and including, coccyx, severe pain. Initially I thought I had injured a pre existing lumbar degeneration problem, as I have done on a few occasion, although never had coccyx pain. The pain in my coccyx though was not recovering, although my lumbar pain was easing. My GP, like myself initially thought the coccyx pain was radiating from the lumbar injury, however as it turns out after many months of physio etc, I eventually got an MRI which showed my coccyx now well out of aligned thought to be caused by the lifting motion causing the muscles to pull them out of alignment. I have since had injections which have not worked and offered removal of coccyx as so injury so bad, but because I suffer from a nerve complaint the surgery would cause nerve damage and the pain left would be worse.

I am writing though to see if anyone has any literature on coccyx injury. I have been trying to apply for a benefit, but despite evidence from a surgeon to say the degeneration has nothing to do with the injury to the coccyx the folk at ATOS Healthcare do not believe either this surgeon or myself. I am desperate to prove that despite my lumbar degeneration and previous injuries that this is a new injury. My appeal needs as much evidence as possible, I have the help with the paperwork side of things from Citizens Advice Bureau, who have been fantastic, but I need new evidence, so if anyone can suggest anything I would be extremely grateful.

Many thanks


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