Tailbone pain with retroverted uterus

Christine, USA - scubahikersx2@yahoo.com

Posted 2014-01-12

May 2012 I felt a weird sensation in my tailbone, for no apparent reason, never felt before. Over the next few months it was very sporadic..but more common as time went on. By September on a day I was working...I couldn't even function. By the end of the day...literally could barely walk ( I am a dental hygienist). Over the next few weeks I still worked by doing standing dentistry, which is not an easy task! And also made appts with Gynocologist, neurologist and orthopedic surgeons. I had X-rays, bone scans and then pet scans. They found fractured tailbone and then no fractured tailbone then masses in my sacrum, then just inflammation in my sacrum, then inflammation in my illiosacral joints. To no avail, nothing was found.

I went in for physical therapy...total joke, I went for manual manipulation, not a joke...but still did nothing and finally gave up February 2013 and had 2 caudal nerve blocks done to help with the pain. And it truly helped until August 2013 when I had to have 1 more done and now I am scheduled to have another one done Monday 1/13/14. Back up 1 year...approx April 2013 I visited my Gynocologist because after sex I had a complete cramp up of my uterus for approx 30 min where it would not relax, finally it did...ever since I have had pain during intercourse. Gynocologist said to monitor, no problems seen, went and saw them a second time in nov for same thing, monitor, no problems seen.

Finally I went and saw my obgyn and he asked me about wearing tampons at night/how often I changed my tampons. Now I am 38, had my period since 14 and have never gotten into a discussion with my dr about tampons, sure I know bout TSS (toxic shock syndrome) but if I didn't have a fever I was fine. Turns out at night while I was wearing my tampons to sleep blood backs up and leaks not only blood but endometrium back thru my Fallopian tubes into my abdomen...causing endometriosis to build up in my abdomen. Above and beyond that I have a retroverted uterus which causes pain during intercourse...(and apparently pain in the tailbone from what I have read.) (I would love for someone to chime in and tell me their thoughts on this)

So I have a consultation with my obgyn to determine if I need a uterosacral ligament ablation to retilt my uterus or a partial hysterectomy to just remove the problem. In the end...my big question is...has anyone every experienced uterosacral ligament ablation to relieve sacrum/tailbone pain, partial hysterectomy to relieve sacrum/tailbone pain, or has endometriosis settled in my sacrum and that is why no one can give me an answer to the pain in this area? Thanks in advance for any brainstorming anyone can do?


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