Painful coccyx bone


I am a 45 year old female. Since November 2001 I had terrible pain in my butt. I have not had a fall, it just came on by itself. The pain was driving me nuts and by Xmas and new year's day I was standing most of the time, as it was very uncomfortable.

The doctor suggested to take a course of antibiotics which helped, but it came back. Then I took a course of anti-inflammation tablets which did nothing. Then I had an x-ray. It showed no damage to the coccyx area, but found that my coccyx was not fused properly when I was born. The next step I took was to get a CAT scan done, and that showed the coccyx was normal but it showed I had 5 large cysts on my ovaries, so I now have to look into that area also.

I am waiting to see a specialist in the coccyx area, and I have to see what the specialist may suggest. I am not making up this pain, as it is now starting to control my life. I am not going out as much because I can't sit for a long time, and I am not going away on holidays as you have to sit in the car and that would drive me nuts.

My family don't think I am that bad, as I still do all the household duties on my own and not bed-ridden. I find it better when I move around being busy and not thinking about it.


Updated 2002-04-14

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