Surgery imminent

Lisa -

I fell down a flight of stairs at work in August and was diagnosed with a broken tail. The painkillers didn't touch it so I was sent to physio. Some times it made me feel better for a couple of days other times it was hard to know quite what to do with myself. Finally I was given an MRI scan. 45 minutes laying on my back and trying to stay still must have been the most excruciating experience of my life.

My tail bone is described as 'grossly distorted', the pictures were something else! My Doc had me in to try the manipulation and cortisone injection under general anaesthetic. I was fine for about a week then the pain came back. He wanted to try again but I persuaded him to book me in to remove it. I was due to go in on 21 January but he had a close bereavement and took a couple of weeks off. He should have gone back to work today and I'm hoping for a phone call tomorrow to give me a new date (hopefully within the next two weeks). I'll let you know how things turn out.

Meanwhile I'm working part days (I'm in accounts so I should be sat all day!) I do what I can and head for home, bed and a hot water bottle! (I find the h/bottle works for me). The boss has been really good but we'd both like to have closure on this.

Updated 2002-02-03

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