Coccyx trouble or tarlov cyst?

Iris Peakman

All my trouble started four years ago when I hit my tailbone on the end of a couch. I started having pain in my sacral area and tailbone area that put me in bed for two weeks. Every year in the spring when I increased my activities the pain would come back, two years ago the pain got so bad that I began a series of going to doctors none stop.

My pain increases with too much sitting, walking too far, climbing stairs, doing any raking, having bowel movements increases the pain in the tailbone buttock area, the time around my monthly's the pain increases, standing too long, and I have also had bowel trouble with certain foods like milk, cheese. I had a colonoscopy to rule out cancer and my doctor said I had a case of IBS, I had never had this trouble before all these other symptoms appeared.

To make a long story short I have gone to so many specialists over the last two years and I have been off work for one year because of the pain and lack of tolerance of these activities. Last July I had a MRI that showed a tarlov cyst on the S2, S3 nerve root. I have been to two neurosurgeons one said that the cyst was the problem the other said that the cyst was not large enough to cause all the trouble and it must be a case of chronic coccydinia.

Upon exam the right buttock was tender and the area around the coccyx and the coccyx itself was tender enough to make me flinch. I have other symptoms as well; I have the feeling of bladder infection with no infection evident with medical tests. I am writing to see if any of you have had similar symptoms with just the coccyx being diagnosed. I am on a mission to try to find answers as this is a terrible condition to live with, and if any of you have anything that has helped you.

Thanks for listening.

Iris Peakman

Updated 2002-05-12

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