(No longer) waiting for approval from insurance agency

Glenda - glenda_moye2001@yahoo.com

Posted 2001-12-30:

Hello! I fell on July, 28 2001. It was in a public place and I was told that I can't go into details.

What I can say, is that I am upset that because I fell in a public place, the company's insurance agency has total say so on my medical care.

I am waiting to get approval for the agency to have surgery. My doctor discussed with me, the surgery and the cortisone injections. He explained the success rate for both and after some thought, I agreed with him about the surgery. The only thing now is to wait and suffer while the adjuster has the final say so as to whether I get the surgery or the injections.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should deal with this? Why do I have to rely on someone else for the medical decisions that concern my butt!!

Please email me and give me advice, words of encouragement, suggestions, anything that you think will help me through this.

Update 2002-02-24:

I am no longer waiting on the insurance company. On February 02 2002, I got the call. My surgery was not approved. I wasn't given a reason.

I cried the rest of that day and then some. I have been having to try to deal with this pain for quite some time now. I choose to do it medicine-free because I am a student and can not concentrate while on dorvacet.

On February 22, I asked my doctor to ask for something to help me cope. He said that I should try the injections. I figured that I now had no other choice. The injection burnt like all heck!!! The doctor said I would be pain-free for at least eight hours. Today is February 23, knock on wood. I have a serious "ache" going on back there but nothing compared to what I had before.

Will I have to take another injection to keep the pain at bay or am I now in the clear? Why was I so afraid of the injections in the first place? They weren't as bad as I was told they would be.

I hope that the pain stays gone!! I am ready to return to the world of work.

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