Doctors in the Netherlands?


My wife has for over 5 months had pain in her tail bone and it goes as far as her lower back. She first had this pain from sitting on a chair, and then it did not go away. She went to the doctor and an x-ray was made, the doctor concluded that is was her tail bone and told her that she needed to take it slow and not to sit down so much, and then the pain would go away. Now 4 months later there is no result, so she went back to the doctor and he has sent her to a pain clinic.

Reading on your page I see there are a lot of people who have the same condition as my wife. But there is no one from the Netherlands (or Holland in Europe). And I can see no doctors in the Netherlands on the list of doctors .

There has been made only one x-ray and she has to go directly to a pain clinic for treatment, but here on your site a see a lot of other investigations and treatments that go further than just go to a pain clinic and have a pain control treatment. I think (reading on this site) that going to a pain clinic is seeing the wrong doctor and undergoing the wrong treatment.

I also cannot find any information on the internet in the Netherlands, so I have the following questions:

- Is there anyone here from the Netherlands here who has success (or not) with a treatment in the Netherlands, and can you give me the name of the doctor?

- Is my conclusion correct that we are going to the wrong doctor, and should we see a different doctor first who can analyse the condition of the tail bone pain better (more investigations?) or can a doctor conclude the source of pain from one x-ray.

I would really like some reactions from people, because it affects the whole family.

I cannot feel her pain but a hate it that I can not help her, other than doing household jobs.


Updated 2002-10-13

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