Coccyx pain and pregnancy

Ayishah Williams -

I'm 24 weeks (6 months) pregnant, and I've been having coccyx pain since the beginning of my pregnancy. Initially, the pain was at its worse only after I had been sitting upright for awhile. Now, sitting for more than a few minutes is extremely painful, and I have a very sharp pain in the area when I go from prolonged sitting to standing. I was in such severe pain 2 months ago that I finally had to go to the ER where the pain was finally diagnosed as coccydynia. I was prescribed a donut pillow and some Vicodin, which I have refused to take, though the ER doctor assured me that it's safe when taken only for severe pain. (Is there even such a thing as a safe narcotic?) The pain has definitely worsened considerably as my pregnancy has progressed. So much so, that even laying on my stomach (I'm still rather small for 6 months) or side no longer offers any relief.

My OB/GYN recommended that I stay at home the remainder of my pregnancy, so I've been on medical leave from my job for the last 6 weeks. She also told me in no uncertain terms that the condition will definitely worsen with delivery. I'm her first patient she's know to have coccydynia while pregnant, so she referred me to the orthopaedics at the infamous Kerlan-Jobe for a better diagnosis. While I was making my first appointment, I had to explain to two different people my situation. There are only two doctors in their offices who have any expertise in this area. And I was told that while they could schedule me to see one of the doctors, there really wasn't much they could offer me treatment-wise because of the pregnancy. I decided to forego the visit altogether. I'm sure they will be of much better use to me after I deliver.

Updated  2002-07-21

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