Unusual symptoms?

Jeff - jcmorton@pacbell.net

Last March I started a new job which involved sitting a lot more than I was accustomed. I also chose to ride my bike to work each day which was a 12 miles round trip. Last October, I started to feel pain in my tailbone. After three months the pain did not go away so I saw an Orthopedic Surgeon who has given me three cortisone shots in the last three months. The shots have seemed to help the tailbone to some degree but I still have the feeling that when I sit on something soft (car seat) there is the sensation of a ball (or something like that) going up my rectum (not painful just annoying). Also, when I am lying on my back it's as though there were a small rock or irritating underwear tag pressing on my lower back right above where the “butt crack” would start.

Does anyone else have these symptoms? I am trying to figure out if the “rectum pressure thing” is part of normal tailbone problems or if the biking did some other damage.


Updated 2002-03-10

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