Caudal epidural injection caused coccydynia


In February 2000 I received a caudal epidural injection. I have never had coccydynia until the very moment I received this injection. My doctors have all dismissed that the caudal injection has anything to do with the coccydynia. The day of the epidural, the doctor had difficulties doing it. I have been told by one doctor that he believes that it is possibly due to incorrect placement of needle causing bleeding under the surface of the bone.

I am wondering if this can develop into a cyst. I am so annoyed with the doctors involved who seem more interested in the big 'cover up' instead of actually trying to find out what has caused the coccydynia. All I want is to try and find an explanation so I can hopefully get some relief from this problem.

I wonder if you have any similar case histories?

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Updated 2002-11-17

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