Tuina massage therapy

Marilyn Dyck -

I just wanted to let people know about the awesome massage therapy technique I discovered called Tuina (or Chinese) massage.

Last winter I had a bad fall from my horse and injured my sacroiliac joint/glutes/tailbone - in other words I had a very sore butt! I spent several months going to physio for my sacroiliac joint and was very slowly getting better, but since I had lots of additional aches and pains I decided to use massage therapy as an adjunct to this treatment. For some reason, I decided to try Tuina massage as everything I read about it sounded like it could really work out the adhesions. I must say it worked! After about 7 treatments my sacroiliac joint was all loosened up and pain free. Now the therapist is working on my tailbone and after just 3 treatments it started to feel much better.

Tuina massage is a very deep, penetrating massage and you're bruised and sore after a treatment, but it's worth it! Hope this information can help other people with soft tissue injuries.

Updated 2002-08-04

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