Started after miscarriage. Seen 18 doctors, finally had coccyx removed

Cynthia -

Original posting 1999-06-01

1997 & 1998 - During a pregnancy that miscarried, I began having lower back pains. I had a few minor slips in my life landing on my tush, but never a hard fall that I could attribute to the pain. After the miscarriage I started seeing NUMEROUS doctors. I was sent chasing around to 18 doctors by my worthless insurance company and the lousy doctors they referred me to. I am now almost 43 years old.

I am glad I had the surgery, but it still hurts. The Neurontin is a wonderful help, as is my tush cush. However, I am now pregnant and can't take the Neurontin. I'm also concerned about carrying the weight of a pregnancy on my lower back. It hurts, but it is better than it was last year at this time!

This is what has helped me:

I truly hope that we uncover some miracle soon for coccyx pain! Until then, I wish I could still take Neurontin during pregnancy. And I will continue hauling around my tush cush!

Update 2002-05-12

Cynthia produced twins, and was rather busy for a couple of years. This is her latest update:

I see the osteopath every two weeks and she crunches my sacrum back in place. Seems that all the exercises I do ... still do not strengthen the muscles and ligaments strong enough to hold the sacrum in place. Too many years of it being out of place has trained the muscles to snap back in the "let's lock up Cynthia's sacrum" position.

But I am definitely improving! I started out on 20 lbs on the Back Extension machine and I'm up to 95 lbs. The roman chair is also a good back and ab strengthening machine. Still taking Neurontin, Pamelor and Vioxx daily.

I'm very happy I had my coccyx removed in 1999!

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