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Hi Jon,

I have been in and out of your fantastic website for two years now. I had coccydynia during this time. It seems to me that everyone is experiencing the same pain, symptoms, etc.

My coccydynia is gone. After trying all physical therapy treatments, I ran into something different. I bought a book titled "Mind over back pain" by John Sarno. I read it, listened to it, believed it and beat coccydynia.

I have many more details. If anyone has questions I would be happy to answer them. I know how desperate and debilitating this problem is. Trust me. I was there. The bottom line: There is no structural abnormality of the coccyx. Yet, we feel pain. Why?

Read this book. I was skeptical too. Read this book. I have my life back.

Read this book. Read this book.

Jon, thank you for helping me to cope for the last two years.


Note from Jon - see also the posting:

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Updated 2002-01-13

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