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Elaine - elaine.emmott@googlemail.com

Posted 2010-03-20

Hi, my name is Elaine Emmott. I am 58 years old and on the first of June 2010 I was driving my car travelling to my workplace. A car came out of a side road on my left and my car just glanced it but it was sufficient to flip my car over, it then rolled across the opposite side of the road hit a dry stone wall rolled back onto the road and came to rest on its roof. As the airbag went off I felt a sudden severe pain in all my lower back. I was take to my nearest hospital on a spinal board and neck brace. I was x-rayed and told nothing was broken. The pain around my middle back was severe and I also had immense pain in my very low back when sitting.

I also suffer from Fibromyalgia and am in daily pain so do take a lot of pain relieving medication for that. Amongst my medication I take 200 mg slow release tramadol twice a day, 8 soluble cocodamol daily, pregabalin 300 mg at night, 100 mg trazodone at night, celecoxib 100 mg morning and night. Despite taking all this I continued with severe pain on sitting for 3 months. As I work for the NHS and was seen by occupational health who insisted I request a further x-ray. My GP reluctantly agreed, I was then informed I had a compression fracture of my L1 and degeneration of my L5. I then at my request I saw an orthopedic consultant and had an MRI, this was inconclusive as to the cause of my pain when sitting. I then had a steroid injection to the left of my coccyx area, this helped about 60% for about one month. I then had another injection direct into my coccyx, this helped for two days. Following further examinations and discussion with my consultant he recommended coccyx removal. I am having surgery tomorrow afternoon. He has informed me I will be in hospital for approximately 5 days on antibiotics and regularly checked for signs of infection. He has advised to try and avoid sitting for approximately 5 weeks.

I have been reading personal experiences and realise that recovery can be quite slow. I will update my experience following my surgery. Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly and I make a good recovery as soon as possible. Thank you for your site where I have found some useful information.

If anyone has any tips or advice that may help my recovery I would be pleased to hear from you.

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