My surgery

Lynette Fazio, Sacramento, California -

Posted 2011-01-09

Dearest Pain Sufferers:

I hope you will take the time to read my story. My surgeon asked me to write since I was so thrilled with my surgery, which took place six weeks ago. I was so surprised that overnight, I was out of pain! The very next day, I could walk, sit, bend over and clean out my cat box. Everything!

It took months for doctors to finally discover that I had a fractured tail bone. When I went in for injections for the pain, the surgeon recommended I have surgery soon. At first, I demurred as I've had other back surgeries and wasn't pleased to think of yet another hospital stay. But Dr. Schrot, at UC Medical Center, Davis, located in Sacramento (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, California), assured me it would only be a couple of days in the hospital. Well, it wasn't even that long!! Overnight, for heaven's sake!

And truly, so little pain it's hardly worth mentioning! Especially after all those months in increasingly difficult pain. I ask each of you, please, consider this: a 59 year old grandma, with 4 back surgeries, can overnight be out of pain after a surgery to remove her tail bone! OVERNIGHT!

So many people have no idea how much this surgery can help them and literally overnight. Why continue to suffer when there is an answer? Surgery may not be for everyone, granted. But still, there's no way that it takes months and months (or even weeks and weeks!) to heal. At least, not if you are prepared. And by that I mean, you're ready to BE out of pain. So many on this list seem to have had this pain and this pain only, which to me exacerbates your feeling of pain. If this is all the pain you've ever suffered in your life, then it will seem terrible to you. Well, it wasn't great for me, either but I have suffered lots of other back pain, too, and therefore, have a high tolerance for pain. But after the surgery, literally when my sister came to pick me up, her jaw dropped. "What are you doing sitting up in the chair??", she asked. I rode home sitting on my cushion in the front seat, no problem.

Please, consider this: if your doctor recommends surgery, for heaven's sake consider it seriously. Healing and getting better overnight, my god! is a far better answer than staying in pain, isn't it? And even if it takes a bit longer for you, you will still be getting better, which is the entire point, right?

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