Coccyx pain due to traumatic birth

Emily -

Posted 2011-06-12

I gave birth to my daughter in November 2010 after 34 hours of labour and a ventouse delivery. I had no idea that the pain I was feeling 'down below' was not what you normally feel after a birth as it was my first baby. It was only after about 6 weeks that I realised this pain wasn't the 'norm'. I had a terrible time breast feeding my daughter as I had to sit in awkward positions just to get comfortable, I was expecting pain after the birth but nothing like what I was experiencing. I brought it up with my midwifes a couple of times but was just told that I needed to heal as I'd had a long birth.

It has now been over six months and I am still in pain. It was getting better bit by bit but has now come to a stand still. At the moment it hurts when I sit down and stand up especially on soft surfaces ie: sofas, bed, cushions etc.. When the pain is bad, it helps me to hold my bottom as I get up and slowly 'release it once I'm standing. The best days I have are when I don't sit much as the more I sit in the day the more my coccyx gets aggravated.

After seeing a doctor and again being told I needed time to heal I decided to take the matter into my own hands and see an osteopath. Last month on my second appointment the osteopath did an 'internal' manipulation after he told me my coccyx was 30% out of place. I was feeling so positive as he said that the 'internal' worked in 90% of cases, unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky ones. I decided that I did not want to spend any more money on seeing the osteopath (as I am on maternity leave with little money!) without actually knowing what was wrong so I decided to take a trip to my GP. When I arrived and told her the problem she actually said that she did not know what she could offer me! I asked her if she would send me to have an x-ray to which she agreed. When I arrived at the hospital for the x-ray I was told by the receptionist that they don't x-ray the coccyx! Luckily one of the nurses overheard and said that they could try. I am seeing the GP next Monday to find out the results. If nothing shows up then my next plan of action will be an MRI.

I am so upset as I should be enjoying this time with my daughter and instead every day I am faced with this challenge of how to avoid this pain.

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