I CAN'T take the PAIN any longer

Tammy - rhontam@comcast.net

Posted 2011-03-06

My name is Tammy, I am 40 years old. Back in Oct. 2010, I tripped and fell on my coccyx bone I laid on the floor for a few minutes trying to catch my breath from the pain, I got up and laid on the couch and I've been there ever sense. Going on 6 months now, I went to my Dr. she had me go in for an x-ray which came back negative, she told me that I have bruised my tailbone and that it would take about 3 months to heal. Well 3 months has come and gone and I am still in excruciating pain. I can no longer drive, I have to use 2 canes to walk with because I cant stand straight up, and if I have to go to the store or Dr. Appointments I have to use a wheelchair because I cant walk to long when I am in the car I have to use my elbows and my feet to hold myself, my elbows are so raw and cracked (huh.... one problem leads to another), the pain starts dull at first, then about 10 min of sitting the pain gets worse, and if I try to pull my self up to sit up more the pain takes my breath away, Then when I go to stand up OMG I am in excruciating pain it almost brings me to tears.

Again 3 1/2 to 4 months later I went back to my Doctor crying because I just cant take the pain NO more I told her it feels like I am sitting on a tennis ball, she gives me an injection and gives me a paper to get a colonoscopy to see if there is some kinda tumor or something, After drinking that nasty gallon of stuff they gave me and having to jump up to go to the bathroom every 2 minutes and no sleep, I go in for the colonoscopy and nothing they tell me I am compacted and to take stool softeners. HUH... so frustrating.

Still after cleaning myself out and still in a lot of pain and still feeling like I am sitting on a tennis ball, I go back to the doctors AGAIN, I told her something has to be done, my elbows hurt, my hips hurt (from laying on my side all day and night) and I cant take this pain NO MORE... Again she gives me an injection (don't know why they don't work) I told her I wanted an MRI, Grrrr here we go, don't they know or don't they care that it hurts just to get to her office now I have to go to another.

Anyways I have been on Vicodin 750mg 3x's a day, Flexeril 10mg 3x's a day, Methadone 10mg 1 at bed time, Ibuprofen 800mg 3x's a day, Prednisone 10mg and last but not least Amoxicillin 500mg (in case the pain is an infection). The pain meds. I have been on sense 2002 due to a herniated and bulging disks in my back. The pain in my butt didn't start till Oct 2010.

You would think with all those meds I wouldn't be feeling anything, Wrong I feel every bit of the pain :(.

Anyways the results from the MRI came in, and again that was negative Grrrr... that's when I came unglued (what do you mean it's negative) something is wrong I feel it, it never used to be there and it hurts so bad. The doctor told me " well you know there is nothing they can do about coccyx pain" you know what I told her :)

Bulll shhhh I read this forum (hehehe). I told her that I could have surgery to remove the coccyx she told me she has never heard of such thing. OMG I about died.

All I could say was "WHAT!!!" good grief. I went home at my wits end, called the doctor on the phone she told me I need to go to get a nerve block (HA no way) been there done that and wont do it again, it don't work anyways just more pain.

So now at the end of my sad story, I am back at square one :( and don't know what to do..... I would like to just get this thing removed and call it a day PAIN FREE "WOOOHOOO to pain free"

If you have any suggestions please tell me :) I know to start, I need a new Dr. "lol"

Thanks for listening :)


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