Slow but steady improvement with manipulation

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Posted 2011-05-15

I was 32 in October 2009 when I injured my coccyx falling backwards and hitting the edge of a sidewalk. No much pain at that moment but the day after I could not ride my scooter. The pain relieved in the following days so I thought it would completely heal without doing anything specific. I had pain mainly riding my scooter and sometimes after sitting all day in my chair at work. No other problems doing any other activity (including sports such as tennis, running, martial arts). Since March 2010 I did not consider it serious.

In March 2010, after a 4 hours flight I felt the pain in my coccyx worsen every week and then I realized it had become an issue.

In the period March 2010 August 2010 the problem kept worsening. In that period:

  1. took soft pain killers for 10 days (they showed no permanent results).
  2. took an X-ray that showed there was a misalignment but no doctors seem to know exactly what to do to fix it;
  3. did 10 sessions of TECAR (sort of ultrasounds): it showed no results. Sessions were painful.
  4. refused corticosteroid injections since I knew they would not fix the problem.
  5. went to a chiropractor who did an internal manipulation saying the problem would be gone in 3 sessions. Unfortunately I did not improve.

In August 2010 here is what I could and could not do:

  1. could not ride my scooter without a special saddle I made myself;
  2. could not sit in a chair or a sofa without a coccyx cushion (I just could sit in hard chairs for a short time);
  3. could not drive my car without a coccyx cushion;
  4. I had to carry a coccyx cushion with me at all times in order to use it every time I had to sit.

In September 2010 I went to London to see Dr Durtnall (I found him through this website, see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) hoping he would fix my problem as he did with many other people. He took an X-ray focusing on the coccyx area. Since the very first second he understood what the problem was: my coccyx was misaligned and it was almost fused in a wrong position. He performed an external manipulation and I felt my coccyx crack. He did acupuncture too to relax the tissues around the area. He gave me exercises to do every day and said that since I was fit and healthy he would expect a major improvement in the following months. He said I might never be as if the accident never happened but I could expect a 90% improvement in a year. He highlighted it was going to be a long haul. I have seen Dr Durtnall three time so far. I might have to see him a couple of times per year now.

I saw some improvements after Dr Durtnall sessions but unlike other coccyx sufferers it was nothing extraordinary. The improvement was slow but steady.

Today, May 2011:

  1. can sit in any chair for a all day as long as I have a desk or a table in front of me to lean forward on; if there is no table or desk, if I keep a good posture I can sit for a few hours with a very slight pain towards the end.
  2. can drive my car with no cushions (I have driven for 3-4 hours and had no problem at all).
  3. can ride my scooter for up to 30 minutes using no special saddle, but still prefer using it on a daily basis.
  4. can cycle for a few minutes, honestly I have not tried for longer periods.
  5. When I fly somewhere I bring a cushion with me, but so far I haven't got to use it. I have not tried in long haul flights.

I can say that thanks to Dr Durtnall now my life is almost like it was before the accident, and I am positive there will be some further improvements. If you have the chance, do not wait too long, make an appointment with him, he can make the difference. I visited many and well known doctors but none seemed to know much about coccyx issues. Dr Durtnall is very experienced on coccyx issues and did know what was all about and what to do since the very first appointment.


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