My coccyegectomy - 5 weeks post op

Cheryl -

Posted 2011-04-17

I won't bore you all with the all familiar details of the problems and pain associated with my tailbone, the failed cortisone injections etc, I will get straight to the point.

I am a 36 year old female from the Gold Coast Australia and 5 weeks ago I had a coccygectomy. I was very nervous about the surgery but the surgeon had confidence he could fix my problem and figured I had nothing to loose so why not give it a shot. I was prepared for pain but my god I spent 2 nights in hospital barely able to move, just trying to roll over or get myself in a position to eat was so painful. Also I was not prepared for the excruciating pain down the sides of my thighs/hips from constantly laying on my sides, sometimes this pain was worse than the actual surgical site.

I had to have a catheter for the first 24 hours, although I pretty much begged the doctors and anaesthetist to avoid this. I had never had one before and was so afraid and embarrassed that leading up to it I think I suffered worse at the thought of having to have a catheter than the actual surgery! I now know why it was necessary, it would have been extremely difficult and painful to get myself to the toilet for the first couple of days. Also during the actual surgery they pump you with loads of fluids, so you will definitely need to go. So anyone having the surgery be mentally prepared for a catheter. I was under anaesthetic when it was put in which was a huge relief and when it was taken out I felt no pain at all, just a couple of seconds of discomfort.

Day 2 they got me up and walking, painful and slow but at least I was able to walk.

Day 3 I was sent home, pretty much balanced on one bum cheek all the way home in the front passenger seat of the car. I decided to not opt for the back seat as the pain getting down and in would have been terrible. Mind you the pain in the front was pretty bad also! I was just glad to get home to my own bed.

The surgeon said I should be ok to return to work 2 weeks later.........wrong! It is now 5 weeks post op and I am still not back at work. I work in an office sitting down all day so I am unable to return to work. I did feel improvement in the first couple of weeks but now I feel as so things are at a stand still. At one stage I thought the wound was infection as there was some weeping and bad smell, as well as still lots of pain coming from the incision site. But after a check up I got the all clear, told things are looking good. Certainly not feeling good though!

I cannot drive, I still cannot lay on my back properly and can only sit for very short periods, even then it is painful. Not only is the actual incision site painful, the muscles inside my bum cheeks are so sore. So now it's just a matter of playing the waiting game and trying to be patient. Hopefully it all will worth it in the long run.


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