Story and question about the treatment of coccydynia

Merry -

Posted 2011-11-13

I am suffering from coccydynia for the last one year. What I think it was due to is childbirth. I also tried medicines but no improvement was seen. After this, I got a steroid injection on 17th October 2011. This injection has disrupted my periods schedule. My date was 19th but this injection has delayed my periods date. I am not still not having periods till 12th of November. Moreover, I have got two more results from this injection, One is backache and the other is pain in the neck, exactly after that injection. I had got more than 50% improvement in tailbone for two weeks, but now it seems that pain is coming back slowly. Anyways, I am worried about the side effects of this injection.

My question is, will my pain go away ever and my periods will be regular again? I had pregnancy test but it was negative. Could anybody tell me the treatment of coccydynia? I have also tried injection also but only got disappointment. I don't want to go to doctor for surgery. What to do now??? Please tell me how can I get rid of this pain permanently?

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