Relief with manipulation in Australia

Catherine -

Posted 2011-11-20

I would like to give the names of three doctors in Australia, who made my recovery from a tailbone dislocated in two areas possible, after praying so much, I promised if I got better, I would pass it on. I am hoping this can relieve someone else's misery, because it is a long battle to find the right treatment, if surgery is not an option.

I dislocated my tailbone over five years ago, on a steep, unclean concrete driveway in the rain, while holding a birthday present. I slipped up and then fell in a sitting position. My only thought was I hoped my back was OK because I was recovering from a torn disc from heavy gardening that left me thinking I might not walk again. Please read the book "Three minutes to a pain free-life"- Dr J. Weisberg and Kit Laughlin -"Overcome Neck and Back pain", these stretching exercises are great, though not a cure for the tailbone, only temporary relief.

Firstly, chiropractors from Discovery Chiropractics in Ballina, Nsw, helped align my spine, as it had scoliosis and a twist in the middle, and a twisted pelvis, I now have a curve in the middle of my spine and am not sitting on my tailbone because of the adjustments.

Secondly, the Pain clinic in Robina, Gold Coast, QLD, Dr Jai, gave me acupuncture, homeopathic treatment, and prolotherapy. He also gave me minerals and vitamins, as I was struggling with a stomach problem caused by the anti-inflammitories, prescribed by a GP in Ballina, who told me to take two, instead of the usual one tablet, I had a bad reaction to them, which caused my bowel movements to turn green, I could eat anything without being in pain, on top of the coccyx pain, I also started back at work, and had no support from my husband, and had unfortunately moved to the other side of the state from where my family were. Sorry to get off the track. The prolotherapy is painful, though I feel I would not be almost pain free if not for the treatment. What it does is irritate nerves and tissue to rebuild itself, this helped with my upper back where there is a twist, Dr Jai noticed this without having to tell him. My back does not go out on me any more. It also helped to stabilise everything after chiropractic adjustments, which can loosen tissue too much. The acupuncture and homeopathic treatment were very painful, he uses thick needles to twist the tissue, my hands would sweat and I couldn't continue with this as it was like torture. I have had normal acupuncture, so am not afraid of needles. The prolotherapy injections in tailbone region and spine are tolerable. Dr Jai said he had never seen anyone recover so quickly, however, I didn't tell him two other Doctors were also helping.

I purchased a long, round foam lumbar therapy exercise thing, it is for using under the lumbar region to help keep the lumbar curved, I use it on my upper back and neck when tight, I think these are on his web site.

Thirdly, an osteopath in Ballina, Alan Hakes (see Doctors and specialists in Australia), manipulated muscles and pulled my tailbone back in after a year of it being dislocated. He is fantastic, I recommend him to my friends. He is from the US, and gives you a lot of time in the office. What he did , without internal manipulation or removing my clothing, wrapped a towel around his hand, while I was in a sitting position, he held my tailbone, there were two sections to manipulate, but it was the same for both, while I tightened my pelvic muscles he pulled back the tailbone. It did not hurt, I didn't feel very much at all, though Alan was usually exhausted after this. I had a few treatments, he manipulated muscles from my inner thigh going down to by pelvis, where I had been too embarrassed to mention this to anyone else, it was like unscrewing a jar where the lid had been on too tight. Alan asked if I had fall on this area like in gym on a balancing beam. I couldn't believe it, I had fallen on a fence, when younger, he felt this is how I could possible have injured the tailbone, then my recent fall could have aggravated the old injury.

The other muscle treatment I used was a suatsu mechanical massager. I lay this on the tight muscles to relieve them which helped. I cannot do my pilates exercise where you balance on the tailbone, and stretch hands and legs until they touch, as this hurts the tailbone and aggravates the muscles. However, I can sit down on hard surfaces without panicking and having to resort to standing, I can sit on the floor etc.

Please try the piraformis exercises in Kit's book they also help. If you would like me to write back in and describe it, I will. Also, if you every have a stomach problem like I explained, and the Doctors tell you to take metamucil, or will not take a stool test, persist or see another Doctor, and take amoxycillan or augmentin antibiotics. It took four years to fix my stomach, until I meet my good friend, who suggested them. I hope this story can benefit someone.


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