Coccyx removed in Paris

Suzanne -

Posted 2011-05-29


I was born with what is called a spicule by dr Maigne, but this never bothered me till the delivery of my first child: the pain started and my search for a doctor in the Netherlands, where I live, began. In the first hospital in the Hague, there was an orthopedian who could remove my coccyx, but he did this once every 2 years, and he guaranteed a 50% good result.

My search for a doctor to help me

Fortunately I found your website and wrote to dr Maigne (see Doctors and specialists in France) who invited me over to Paris. He made x-rays and said the spicule was quite big and he expected surgery to be necessary but first he wanted to try an injection of cortisone. After the injection the pain was gone for 9 months; for me a very good result. I had 4 injections in total, one while I was pregnant from my second child which was rather scary. Unfortunately the results of the injections got less and after the last injection the pain was back in 4 months. The advice from dr Maigne was to have surgery. I didn't really want to have surgery because of the long period of recovery, the risks and the distance to Paris. I have 2 small children and it is not a good moment in my life to do such a thing. In the mean time I didn't find a doctor in the netherlands who could do the surgery, I contacted the doctor in Roosendaal on your website, but he wanted to do an MRI scan because of the fact I was born with this problem and he thought there could be nerves there so surgery would cause extra problems. He sent me to another hospital because he couldn't interpret the MRI scan, and the neurologist in Leiden didn't see a problem to have surgery, but he didn't know someone who could do it. Anyway.. the only solution for me at that time was to have surgery in Paris. So I arranged everything at home and planned to have surgery at April 4 2011.

In Paris: surgery and recovery

Dr Doursounian advised to stay 5 nights in the hospital followed by 6 nights in an appartment in Paris, so I arranged a very nice appartment near the hospital for 12 nights; for family and me to stay in. On the day of the surgery I was very, very nervous ('you were so anxious' dr Doursounian said), but everything went well. I had to be in the hospital at 7 o'clock and was operated at 2 o'clock. At 4 o'clock I was back in my room and felt quite good. Of course there was pain, but I could get out of my bed to go to the toilet myself and the next day I could walk a bit already. After 2 days I enjoyed the sun outside so every day it went a bit better. Sitting of course was not possible, but I had some pillows which made life more easy (like a breastfeeding pillow which made it possible to sort of sit without really sitting on the wound). Every 2 days the bandage was cleaned and I could have a shower. The first time the wound still bleeded a bit, but the second time it was quite closed and after 9 days, when I was in the appartment, dr Doursounian removed the stitches. Dr Doursounian came to check the wound 3 times when I was in the appartment, his service really is excellent! After 12 days in Paris I could go home: my insurance arranged an ambulance for me to go home. When I got home there was a bed in the living room (automatically going up and down); this was not completely necessary but made live a lot easier. By then I could walk a short distance and could sit a bit on one buttock and I could lie on my side and belly. I couldn't lie on my back for 6 weeks.

After 3 till 6 weeks

Everyday I can do a bit more: sitting is still the biggest problem of course, but after around 3 weeks I could sit again for a short while on a normal chair, and after a month I could sit for about half an hour. So I walk a lot and lie and sit a bit. I feel improvement every few days. This is going in stages: one till three days it's the same and then there is a small (or bigger) jump forward. I started driving the car again after 5 weeks, and this morning when I took the children to the daycare I felt better in the car. I use the tush-cushion and I have a sort of 'float' (zwemband in dutch) to sit on. Compared to the pain I had before surgery it is not better yet, but I have hope this will be so in a few weeks. My life is getting more back to normal everyday and the idea that I won't have pain anymore in a few months is so very good!! I'll sent you an update in a while again, and if anyone has questions for me: please let me know!

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