No luck locating a skilled doctor for manipulation

Todd -

Posted 2011-07-24

I fell on my butt about 3 years ago. I was coming down the steps in my house and I was coming down fast. My foot slipped out from under me and BOOM right on my buttocks! I do not recall any significant pain at the time of the fall maybe just a shock from the dramatic fall. I also managed to do this same thing again a few weeks later due to the fact that I am just a stupid man… Again I do not recall any significant pain initially due to the fall.

A few months later I was having some back issues where there was some pain and tightness on my lower right side above the butt cheek. I was moving some heavy wood around and at some point my back basically gave out. I recall dropping to the floor in excruciating pain and some severe muscle spasms in my back. I have never felt anything as painful as this in my life. I could not walk or even lay down the pain was so bad.

The last thing that I remember that could be the culprit was probably the most idiotic thing that I have ever done was I was clenching my buttocks really hard and I felt a crack/pop in the tailbone region. I honestly can't say if I had the pain prior to doing this or not so this could have been the cause. The crack/pop DID hurt initially. I am thinking that this act of pure stupidity dislocated the sacrum/coccyx and now I have been in pain ever since. The pain really only bothers me when sitting. And since I sit at a desk all day my life is a living hell.

So here I am now and I have been through the following:

1. X-ray - normal

2. MRI - normal

3. 2 ganglion impair nerve block injections in the sacrum/coccyx region - did relieve the pain slightly

4. Physical therapy with a pelvic floor woman who honestly likes to apply heat and electro stimulation - this does nothing and I think just aggravates me

5. Chiro - went to a woman who used some very strange tools that apply impact to the area to remove bone spurs…?...this had no effect

So I asked the Physical Therapist to do the internal adjustment. She said she would do it and had done it before…? She went inside and claimed she could not feel the coccyx due to all the muscle in the area. So basically she just moved her fingers around and didn't accomplish anything. I am thinking what I am really in need of is a professional internal manipulation. I just seem to have no luck locating a skilled doctor who is willing to do this procedure.

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