12 years of pain caused by a high school bully

Adam - shadowshonour@live.com.au

Posted 20111-02-27

In High School (actually all throughout primary school as well) I was severely bullied. I won't go into the constant horror of it all but needless to say, one day in my final year of High school, when I was 16, some Bully (Aka Eggy) decided it was a good idea to knock my stuff off the desk I was working on and as I was having to pick it all up from off the floor he had the idea that it would be great to ram his boot right up my arse! Wearing steel capped boots as he did so. The teachers never cared at all. They just got annoyed with me and gave me detention for complaining (Bastards!!!!). I was definitely all on my own in my school years. Couldn't even go to the toilet at school (that was a torment in itself I can tell ya)!!!

Following this particular incident I was in tremendous pain for such a very long time. So bad that I could not sleep on a bed and the only relief I got was sleeping on a hard floor for 7 years!! It's been almost 12 years now since that day and for the past five years I've managed to sleep on a bed again (Not without plenty of discomfort though).

Dr's didn't want to know about it. They scanned my back when I told them about my pain. but never low enough to show the coccyx.

Finally my newer and wonderful GP decided to scan a little lower and noticed something a little odd. Deciding to investigate it further she sent me for a more detailed scan on my coccyx region. It came back showing it was dislocated and fractured as well. My tailbone was at a 90 deg angle inside me. She gave me a referral to see an orthopaedic surgeon by the name of Dr R. Furzer. He wanted to give me a cortisone steroid injection. I reluctantly agreed to it. But due to my personal dislike and how I react to steroids in a negative physical way I wanted to get some advice. I had already been reading on this site about the pointlessness of this injection for some people as well as many negatives to it. So I gained advice from other professionals who advised me not to bother with the injection.

I phoned up and cancelled my app for the injection to be done. (Having them do the injection was another worry in itself due to them not knowing how to do the injection and having a massive staff meeting to discuss how it was going to be done.)

I still kept my next app though because I wanted to try having my coccyx removed. (I've had acupuncture before which in my case made the pain a lot worse and meds don't work well with me due to my hyper-sensitivity). Dr Furzer decided he wasn't experienced enough to feel comfortable in doing the operation (Even though he just did one the other day). Which was fine but it meant waiting to see someone else a couple of months later.

That someone is a Dr named David Edis. He also surprisingly agreed with me about the steroid injection which was good. But he wasn't happy yet to do the operation. He wanted to know if my pain was still being caused by the coccyx or whether it was due to nerve damage. If it is nerve damage he believes that I should have CBT treatment (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). Still not sure how I feel about this. Anyway, he decided to give me a local anaesthetic into my bone through feel (I was surprised he didn't do it under scan). It hurt a lot going in I can tell ya!!! I felt very strange afterwards and found it very hard to walk. It seemed to help the pain somewhat around the bone itself but I quickly gained other pain as my muscles seemed to tighten everywhere. I drove home and as time passed my pain increased. I felt a little woozy but still felt okay to drive. Eventually the pain became almost agonising. That was yesterday. Today I feel physically abused and still am in a lot of pain. I wonder if anyone else here has had problems like this with these types of injections? I don't know what this Dr will say to all this. I'm kinda afraid he'll make the assumption that surgery won't help. But I've read stories on here before that showed that even after an injection fails having surgery helped them. It wasn't a complete failure. I did get some relief. It's just that this other pain way overtook what relief I was feeling!

If I am lucky enough to have this operation go ahead I'm going to be put on a waiting list... Of around Two years! Sigh!! I just want this to end!

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