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Nichole -

Posted 2011-09-25

I injured my tailbone in February of 2010 when I fell snowboarding. I was still in severe pain and visited a doctor at the end of May, 2010. He took xrays and determined that my tailbone wasn't broken. He didn't physically inspect my tailbone or ask me many questions, just said that "tailbones take a long time to heal" and if I was still hurting in a few more months I could come back and see him at that time. He seemed very disinterested even though I expressed severe pain and discomfort. I was so unhappy with his practice, not to mention the several issues I had with the billing department at his office, that I didn't ever return.

It's a year and a half later and I am still in extreme pain, even worse than before. I work a desk job and can't get out of sitting for periods of time. I got a desk that raises up so I can work standing up, but one can only stand in place for so long until their feet get tired, so I alternate between sitting and standing. I've also tried a donut cushion which relieved some of my pain for the first few days after purchasing, but it is now ineffective.

I did find a doctor though!! His name is Bradley Davis. I saw him for the first time a little over a week ago, last Wednesday. He looked at my xrays that I brought from my previous doctor, did a physical exam (which my previous doctor DID NOT do!) and discussed my options. He said that Coccygectomy is an option, but only about 70% of patients that have the surgery still have the same pain, which means that the pain wasn't their tailbone in the first place. He said that it could be the muscles and tissue surrounding. After the physical exam and my reaction when he applied pressure he told me it clearly was my tailbone. He recommended injections, which I scheduled to have done two days later. He said that the injection will last anywhere between 6 and 12 months. He also said that most patients find their pain lessens more and more over time with each of the injections. He told me that if I don't find the same to be true we could consult a surgeon in his same office for a Coccygectomy.

So last Friday I went in, was in his office for about 15 minutes, the injection took 5 minutes and I have not felt any pain since!!! Woo-hoo!! I sat through a whole movie on Saturday night without any type of cushion or having to fidget/adjust my seating at all! I'm so glad I finally found a doctor who is actually a doctor that listens to my problems and wants to help.>

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