Dr Robert Griffiths

Peter Williams - peter100williams@hotmail.com

Posted 2011-08-27

I developed coccyx pain after years of sitting at a desk and travelling lots because of my job as a Lawyer. The pain got to the point where it was nagging every day and I couldn't sit down at my desk at all! I then decided to see someone, a friend recommended his Chiropractor who he had been seeing for a neck complaint. I was unsure what could be done to help, but Rob Griffiths (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) was really helpful. He took X-rays of my coccyx which revealed a displacement of the end tip of the coccyx.

Effectively I was damaging the area every time I was sat down. Rob was very honest and straight talking, told me exactly what was wrong and how to fix it! He said it would require some internal manipulation to re-align the coccyx, which I was initially anxious about. Rob reassured me and guided me through the procedure, which was actually just uncomfortable rather than painful.

It was explained to me that it would be a slow road to recovery, it eventually took around 6 months to fix, which I was happy to accept because I had been suffering for nearly 3 years before going to see Rob. I really wish to thank him personally for helping me get my normal life back, I can work and travel without pain. My lower back is also pain free and I have got back into a gym routine to prevent any problems reoccuring!!!

Thanks again, I really hope others with the same problem can get the help Rob gave me!

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