Horse riding caused a problem

Leigh -

Posted 2011-08-14

I ride horses for a living, and about 5 years ago a horse whose movement was different than what I was used to, got my tail bone tipped inward and to the right. I had massage therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists work on me with little to no relief. An Alexander Technique practitioner, whose husband is an MD said he recommended internal manipulation. Well, I wasn't ready to go there!

Two years later, I got a new student, a physical therapist who recommended a friend who does internal manipulation. A couple months later, I was finally ready and made the appt. Dana at PhysioTherapy in Phoenix was AMAZING! She made me feel very comfortable, did a super thorough exam of range of motion, my hips, knees, movement, etc, before we discussed internal manipulation, which I had already told her I was ready for, on the phone. Longer story, shorter, I ended up having her do the internal manipulation twice a week for three weeks. I stayed off horses for the first week and rode twice the second week. This has been a God send!

I found your site because now some pain has returned, it has been a month since I last saw Dana and her schedule and mine don't mesh for a while, I tried (Brenda's external manipulation) and believe I got some immediate relief, I will continue to experiment!

Since then, what I have found is if I am in any discomfort, I reach with the hand on the same side of a sit bone, right hand to right sit bone, cupping my fingers around the bottom of the sit bone, first just holding it, then I apply a bit of outward pressure and just wait for a bit of release, or my body just lets me know, that is all I need to do. Then I do the same with the other sit bone. It is as if I am creating more room for my tail bone to be straight. This keeps me pain free and riding!


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