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Veeresh -

Posted 2011-07-10

I am Veeresh from Bellary. I work in the JSW plant Toranagallu and I am suffering from tail bone pain. Now my condition is better compared to previously.

I had heavy pain at the my tail bone for one year, and when I met our nearest doctor he gave some tablets and some hints to avoid pain and also said there is no problem in the x-ray report.

But now I got huge relief from that pain because of only Dr.Rajveer Singh (see Doctors and specialists in India). He is good and knowledgeable person in treating tail bone pain. At the beginning stage of the tail bone pain I met four doctors but work done from those is very little bit. One day I searched the net and I found one of the good doctor he, is Dr Singh. He is a physiotherapist and he is available in the Sagar hospital, Bangalore Jayanagar.

I met him on 16 February 2011 and he gave me some exercises and also did ultrasound therapy. Now in July my pain is cured around 70 to 80 %. I hope another 4 to 5 months I become a tail bone painless person. Now I also have a daily journey of 60 km that's why it takes long time to cure.

Still also am doing exercises daily and also sitting in warm water tub. These activities helped me lot. One advice from me to who have suffering from tail bone pain, don't waste your time to consult your nearest doctor you better to go and meet him and have a happy life. I will update after observing another two or three months.

Good luck to all!

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