Success with a treadmill machine!

Anie -

Posted 2011-02-27

Hello my name is Anie and I live in Switzerland. I gave birth in November 2009. After a normal birth I went to the ward with severe tailbone pain. I couldn't sit and standing up from my sitting position was very painful. I told the nurses who said there is nothing that can be done and that it would get better on its own in a couple of weeks. However as the weeks were passing by there was no improvement. It was painful to sit and breastfeed my baby. I also blamed my baby and my husband for the pain. I had an MRI done, showing some change on my coccyx and my family doctor said I should see a chiropractor and then I saw a friend who told me that walking is good for relieving the pain and healing process. I was convinced and bought a treadmill machine which didn't really fit the apartment, and upset my husband. I must admit that I was praying all the time since I am a Christian and I believe that God can do miracles.

The details of my exercise routine was 4 times a week for 40 minutes. I ran 20 minutes ands 20 minutes fast walking. In one year and a lot of patience my tailbone is completely healed. I praise God for this because without his will nothing can change and I believe he showed me the way to get better with my treadmill machine.

I understand all of your frustrations and pain and I know what pain does to us. It makes us angry and sad and not functional. My advice for you is to exercise and take it seriously like I did (4 times a week for 40 minutes) and pray and believe.

Thank you for reading


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